History of Olympiacos team

The Olympiacos team has evolved over the years but one thing has not changed its dominance. The first people to make the Olympiacos F.C was the Andrinopoulos family, they composed the teams forward line. Even though they had never played side by side. They were responsible for the uprising of the club’s reputation. In the 1930s the Piraeus club was very successful as they won a hatful titles and dominated the Greek championship. in 1931-1944, the Olympiacos team defeated Panathinaikos and it was the most challenging season as they lost the championship around 1938-39 unfortunately this negatively influenced the team although they had already won 6 championship in 11 seasons. Then there was a match that was to take place in Patras which several players had to travel, unfortunately at this time the Second World War was declared. Godas was shot and he died as the team’s patriot as he asked to be killed wearing his Olympiacos shirt. In the years 1945-58, Olympiacos team were legends and had a lot of supporters, at this point most football clubs wanted to play against them in friendly matches. They won 9 out 12 championships, they also won the Easter cup, solidarity cup and the Christmas cup. In 1968-78 the Olympiacos won the league and the cup and performed exemplarily in the UEFA championships. Around the end of this period the team passed through rather a dry period but in the early 1980s they regained their dominance.in the 1980 the won the solidarity cup, super cup and cup of friendship. However, there was a tragedy in the 1981, the tragedy of Gate 7, where 21 fans lost their lives. This was a bad omen because the following years of 1994-2009 were the drought period but it came to an end in 1996-97. In this period they won the first of seven consecutive league titles up to 2003. In 2004, they were allowed to play in the ultramodern football stadium. In 2005-09 they won 5 consecutive championships. From 2010 till date, the team was handed over to Vaggelis Marikanis, he is mostly in to the social programs that aim to provide help to need people. Olympiacos was crowned as Greek champions.