About the olympiacos fans

This page is basically to let the fan base know what is happening in their team, which games they are participating in and the day as well getting to know more about the players and bond indirectly with them. Fans have therefore become the most vital role players in the Olympiacos F.C. even though there was a major misfortune that fell on the fans at gate 7 during an Olympiacos game, fans still gather to walk with the team regardless. The gate 7 incident caused peoples life, however, it still remains a major part of the Olympiacos journey. Before any game, in the stadium, there is always a commemoration of the lost lives of the fans. This has a very good picture for the Olympiacos team members. The Olympiacos F.C has a very solid and strong support system for instance in the games against Panathinaikos, Apollana or EAK, the fans showed their loyalty to the club they came up with ways to celebrate victor by mocking the opponents. Fans also show their love and loyalty to the Olympiacos F.C by joining the Olympiacos FC youth academy. This is actually known as the club of fans. The chairman and owner of this academy are Evangelos Marinakis. The youth academy has six official teams i.e. u-10(under ten), u-13(under thirteen), u-14(under fourteen), u-15(under fifteen), u-17(under seventeen) and u-20(under twenty). They participate in different matches and they have won some of them as well. Even though they hardly play in main leagues they participate in different tournaments and they emerge champions. The Olympiacos in return works towards making the society a better place, this act being fully supported by the president Evangelos Marikanis. This way, the fans will get to know the team better than just in the field.