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Oley! Oley! Oley! Oley! Cool body waves, cheers, crying, laughter, thrill… mixture of every feeling and emotion. That is what fans are all about. They get to feel all this at once, this is no torture rather this is the sport experience. Fans are a vital part of a sport club or associations, without fanatics of a certain sport club that is more of a disaster waiting to happen. Fans are the support system of a sport club. Thanks to the Olympiacos sport club, it has given fans a reason to express their love and passion for different sports. Be it volleyball, football. Water polo, taekwondo, basketball, table tennis and even swimming. The Olympiacos has got almost every person hooked on how well the players are experienced and how much talents they have placed on deck, massive right!

Allow me to view this a little deep please, the Olympiacos CFP, fully known as Olympiacos Sindesmos Filathlon Pireos (Olympiacos club of fans of Piraeus).first things first, it is based in Piraeus, Greece. It was founded in the 10th of March 1925. The chairman being Michalis Kountouris. Olympiacos harbors different kinds of departments including: basketball, football, volleyball, water polo, sailing, table tennis even wrestling. Olympiacos is said to be the most successful Greek club that has won so many international titles in Europe. They have won 12 major European titles, 14 international titles and 1 intercontinental titles in 5 sports i.e. football, basketball volleyball, water polo and wrestling. There is no other club based in Greece that has managed to scoop more than 6 European titles. Below is this wins in detail:

  • Olympiacos volleyball team: the men have won 2 cup winners cup in 2005 and 1995.women won 1 CEV challenge cup in 2018 and 1 continental treble also in 2018.
  • Olympiacos water polo team: the men have won 2LEN champions league in 2002 and 2018. 1 LEN super cup and 2 Triple crowns in 2002 and 2018.the women have won 1 LEN Euro league in 2015, 1 LEN super cup, 1 LEN trophy in 2014 and 1 continental treble in 2015.
  • Olympiacos football team has won 1 Balkans cup in 1963.
  • Olympiacos basketball team: they have 3 Euro leagues in 1997, 2012 and 2013 respectively. They have also won 1 FIBA Intercontinental Cup in 2013 and 1 Triple Crown in 1997.

In Association with Evangelos Marinakis

More About Evangelos Marinakis:

He was born in Piraeus, Greece on the 30th of July 1967. He was a ship owner and a member of parliament in the Greek government. He was also a financer of Piraeus football club. He is the current owner of the Olympiacos football club.

Education: Evangelos Marinakis earned a degree in the field of International Business Administration.  And a masters in International Relations in London.

Career and achievements: Evangelos was involved in multiple businesses such as shipping businesses, and in sports as well. In the shipping arena, he was a founder and chairman of capital maritime and trading corporation. He took over from his father who had a small shipping company. Marinakis is known to be one of most influential personality in the shipping industry. This is very evident from the number of awards and listings he has gotten over the years.

Evangelos Marinakis also delved in the political field as well, he was elected as the first member of the Piraeus city council. He co-founded a party with the then vice president of the olympiacos F.C, Yannis Moralis, this was in May 2014. He had pledged to preserve the public nature of Piraeus Port Authority and develop Piraeus to be Europe’s largest cruise ship destination and home port. The shipping industry was a really huge part of his life.

Marinakis had a heart for the people, he constructed parks, children playgrounds and sports facilities at his own cost. He supports the operation of the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis in the creation of the island Crete yearly for ten years from July 2014. Marinakis also privately finances Greek children charities. The best term to describe Evangelos is simply selfless.

Evangelos has funded the daily meals of a thousand people weekly to people who were stranded at the port of Piraeus. He has also partnered with UNICEF and helped in man operations such as immunizing children, he did this by placing the UNICEFs logo on the players’ jerseys targeting to raise 2million euros in two years. Marinakis led an aid effort through the Olympiacos football club to bring relief to the victims of massive flooding that hit the town of Mandra, Greece. Marinakis believes that football can cross borders and can help overcome enmity and bring different people from different parts of the world together. 


There are other sports that Olympiacos CPF are planning to make active such as chess, martial arts and many others. This certainly gives fans a wide scope of different sports to venture in and support based on the fact how the olympiacos fanatics are loyal and very supporting to the various teams. Olympiacos without the fan support system will not be as strong team as it is. Evangelos Marinakis has also played a very major role in olympiacos especially making more than just a sport association rather a social association that has a positive impact on the fans and humans generally.in his good acts that he has passed down to his next generations i.e.  Vaggelis Marinakis. Despite of all challenges Evangelos Marinakis has passed through his philanthropic aspect always depict itself and still be active as this continues in the current since olympiacos club has maintained to sponsor the organizations that dealt with humanitarian needs. As there are matches that aim to help social problems, as there have been planned matches to help eradicate poverty. Evangelos Marinakis is certainly the real leader, fan and player. Go Marikanis!